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3 is the second prime number, and the second single digit prime number. 3's prime factors are 1 and 3. It is said to be the first odd prime, because the previous prime number is [[2]], which is even.
*It is divisible by 1: 3/1=3
*It is '''not '''divisible by 2: 3/2=1.5
*It is divisible by 3: 3/3=1
*Therefore it has 2 factors, not 3, because 3 divided by 2 does not result in an [[integer]] value.
==Relationship with other odd numbers==
===The numbers before===
*2 is the first prime number. It is the only '''even''' prime number.
*'''1''', the number before 2, is '''not '''a prime number.
===The numbers after===
*The next odd number, [[5]], is a prime number.
**There are no odd numbers between 3 and 5. As a result, they are twin primes.
*[[7]], the odd number following 5, is a prime number.
**3 and 7 are four numbers apart, therefore, they are cousin primes.
*9, the odd number following 7, is not a prime number. It is a square number, and the first odd composite number.
*Lithium's atomic number and number of electrons are 3.
*Group three elements also have the valence of +3. Similarly, group five elements have the valence of -3.
*Tritium / hydrogen-3, has a nucleon number of 3.
*In basketball, a shot behind the three-point arc is worth three points, unless in the 3x3 variant.
===Video Games===
*In The Legend of Zelda series, there is a sacred relic called Triforce, which consists of three separate golden triangles.
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