• Blueeighthnote

    Not sure why I'm making number realationships on prime number pages, but leave a feedback of whether this should be included in a page!

    Here are some pages:




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  • 3primetime3

    Hey guys!

    I noticed not many of you people responded yesterday.  Was the question hard or were you just busy? Again, even if you don't know an answer to a question, there is no penalty for guessing.

    Let's bump up the difficulty a little.  YAY!

    Take the smallest prime number, cube it, then divide it by half.  What is the result?

    Difficulty of this question:  Easy

    The answer to the last question is 9 cm.  Good Job Blueeighthnote!

    1.  Blueeighthnote (20 points)

    2.  Julianthewiki (10 points)

    2.  Wildoneshelper (10 points)

    -  Just be reminded not to show your work.  Just give me the answer, so others won't know if the answer is correct or not.

    -  If you miss a question of the day, it's okay.  You can always participate on the ongoing one.

    -  NEW: Please n…

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  • 3primetime3

    Okay guys, here is the second question of the day!  Note that we are just getting started with the questions of the day, so I won't make it hard yet.

    The area of a right triangle is 36cm².  If the length of one leg of this triangle is 8cm, what is the length of the other leg, in centimeters?

    Please do not show an explanation of how you got the answer.  Just give me the answer.  I just don't want other people to read the comments and get influenced by the answers.

    Difficulty of this question:  Very easy

    Wildoneshelper - 10 points

    Julianthewiki - 10 points

    Blueeighthnote - 10 points

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  • Julianthewiki

    Hi everyone, I am super duper (number as big as mersenne prime) times to tell you that:

    Prime Numbers Wiki is on top 4,470!
    Wam Score: 9.36
    Rank on Lifestyle (Vertical rank): 605

    We had a big gain! Good job Supermario3459, Blueeighthnote, 3primetime3 and Wildoneshelper for making this wiki a very big success of pages, lots of photos, and to our new primer, 3primetime3 (call him Austin), who has made a page about big prime numbers! Thank you for making a big wiki page of 19,093 bytes! Big success, right? Next goal, top 3500!

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  • 3primetime3

    Hi everyone!

    I am going to try to introduce something called Question of the Day!  This is math right?  So let's try something fun!

    Everyday, I will try to post a question of the day.  Topics could range from prime numbers to anything applicable in the universe.  Every question will be worth 5 points to how ever many points the difficulty of the question is.

    I believe that this will be a good way to get the whole community participating.  I will try to post the answers the next day, so to tell if you get the question correct so far.  If this is successful, I will continue making these!

    By participating in the question of the day, you agree to the following statements:

    1.  Please read the question carefully.

    2.  Leave your answers in the comments…

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  • Blueeighthnote

    Here's a link to the pink template of Composite numbers. Here (obsolete)

    Just thought if we ever need a clearification of something that is not prime but added to the pages anyway.

    It's likely that we won't need pages like 4,6,8,10,12,14,15,16......etc., because they're obviously not prime. 1, however, while definitely not a prime, is often being mistakened as such. I don't want to delete number "1" because it might be good for others to know that it's not a prime.

    EDIT: Yes, I'm aware that 1 is not composite, either, but the template was named "Template:Infobox Composite". 1 is the only number not composite nor prime?

    EDIT2: This is a PRIME NUMBERS WIKI, so I deleted 1 also.

    For very large primes, they're extremely hard to identify. I think th…

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  • Julianthewiki

    Hi everyone, I just want to know if we need some admins by this time. We only have 3 contributors, but all of us actually need a job, so that when it comes to more contributors, I can promote them to admin, or even bureaucrat. I heard that while we are under spotlight, we should not choose admins. So, as soon as we have 200 pages, please don't request for a while.

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  • Julianthewiki


    November 16, 2013 by Julianthewiki

    We are just starting up this wiki. Please join me making this wiki a successful one!

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