Hello, new user! Welcome to Prime Numbers Wiki! This is an encyclopedia of 857 pages that are used to look up on primes.

Okay, so here are the things to do first:

  1. Add something to your user page. An empty user page is lame, so why add to your user page? Yes, so that everyone will get to know you. Even your close friends, so that they will recognize it's you, and not another friend of yours.
  2. Edit some pages on prime numbers. Wrong grammar, you guess? Or just wanting to add stuff that is about the prime is 100% approved. Well, just like Wikipedia, everyone can edit, even though you think it is already final. Just think that this is not yet final.
  3. Add photos. You can add some photos, like copying the number with your handwriting. You can use any paint editor, like Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, or anything that will make a good one. We also want to see some sieve of Eratosthenes photos you got from online.
  4. Add videos. What are the prime numbers from 1-100? From 901-1000? You can explain everything through a video. We mostly like videos that you made by yourself, even though it is just a simple one, as long as there is enough information in your video.
  5. Earn badges. This actually shows how are you doing in Prime Numbers Wiki. If you wonder, why is adding one photo 2 pictures, it is not literal. In Prime Language, 2 is the first prime number. The 500th is 3,571, and so on and so forth.
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