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Welcome to Prime Numbers Wiki, a place to know about prime numbers, and everything else. As the founder, I am here so that you can help me in making a wiki that will germinate. It was actually because my first wikis died, so it is a good thing that we are all here, so that we can grow this wiki to a real encyclopedia of prime numbers.

History of PNW

I actually created this on November 16, 2013, Saturday, at 10:23 PST or GMT.

I first started this wiki by starting up with the number 2. All the info was about the number 2, and also an infobox about it. I created more pages until I created the "Getting Started" page. There, I placed everything you can do here. We stopped at around 10 pages. At the end of November, we had 22 pages, and 73 edits only. That was an unexpected change, thinking for only 10 edits. Luckily, on December 1, things started to prosper. We had 186 pages, but then it decreased to 101, because 85 of them were composite, which they were not even needed in the wiki. It was actually the time Supermario3459 and Blueeighthnote were already admins. 3primetime3 also came, and lots of things came into his mind, like the question of the day. He even thought of adding some relationships with other numbers, before and after. And also, as we near my birthday, thank you for those who made the 204 extra pages to make the wiki even prosper.

If you have some history that you know, please post it for me. I want to update this every now and then, it's constantly changing.

Wikis that I contribute to


Just before I founded this, on November 16, I was very calm, and I was as trustworthy as others. Also, I have spread the word to everyone there in CCSW. The result: oh well, almost all of the users here come from CCSW, even the blocked there. CalzoneManiac may not be the only one contributing on CCSW. But, he's a top contributor in Spongebob Squarepants Wiki (I watch that rarely these times). On December 23, 2013, as usual, I checked my messages, and saw that I can't reply. I saw that I was blocked. I slapped myself many times, and now it is like the wiki turned off the light, but only a slight bright on my birthday, December 24, Jianhui67, TimBluesWin and 3primetime3 are those that only greeted me (as I still remember).

My Final Decision

Okay, I wanna calm down, so, maybe I go back to it. User:Blueeightnote

This user is currently not as active on Prime Numbers Wikia because face it, the wiki is DEAD. But still message me if you need help!.

Hi everyone!  I am probably known most for being host of the very unfamous problem of the day!  See my blog posts if you want to participate:

Credits to MathCounts, AIME, AMC 8, AMC 10 (Art of Problem Solving), CHMMC, Josh Frost, other math competitions, my cousin, trusted users on this wiki, and me for these wonderful questions.

About me

My username is 3primetime3.  I love math.  I am currently taking Calculus BC and will be taking Discrete Math next year.  Hope I can contribute a lot to this wiki!

NOTE: I know prime numbers well. 

FUN FACT: I got my username from prime numbers. 3 is the second prime number, where the number 2 is also prime, and prime is the first half of my name.  Since I spend time to contribute to this wiki, therefore 3primetime3.

Administrator Requests

  • PLEASE NOTIFY ME IF YOU WISH TO BE ON THE FOLLOWING LIST BELOW. When your score reaches 100, I will happily nominate you as an administrator. When your score reaches 10000, I will happily nominate you as a bureaucrat. But please note that once you are an administrator, you must stay active to continue being one. Being blocked on the wiki (or if I catch you cheating on QOTD) will divide your score by 10, which means you can lose your administrator rights. No, I will not tell you how to earn these points. You must find out yourself!
  • Blueeighthnote - 10000/10000
  • Dalek-James - 97/10000
  • Minipop56 - 98/10000
  • Kyodaisuu - 0.01/100

Previous Math Competitions

Not to be a braggadocio, but there is a growing lists of math competitions that I currently or previously participated in to make me a good representative of this wiki!   Again, don't read the following if you already think I am already narcissistic!

Credits to all of these competitions for making my daily questions of the day possible! I get most of my questions from here.

Mathcounts Competition


The MathCounts Competition

The Mathcounts Competition is a competition for middle schoolers that promotes mathematics to a different level of thinking.  This Competition Series is ideal for students who have a talent and passion for math who want to be challenged. Students will engage in exciting contests in which they will compete against and alongside other bright, motivated students. At the local, state and national level, students win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes every year.

Participated in 2010-2012  *Portola Middle School (with me) won the Chapter Competition in 2012.  I was able to participate at the state round in UC Irvine.

AMC 8/AMC 10

The A

The AMC 8 Competition Logo

MC 8 is a 25 question, 40 minute test in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills. The contest is held in November every year.  All students scoring high enough are invited to participate in the AMC 10.  A special purpose of the AMC 8 is to demonstrate the broad range of topics available for the junior high school mathematics curriculum.  "Additional purposes of the AMC 8 are to promote excitement, enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards mathematics and to stimulate interest in continuing the study of mathematics beyond the minimum required for high school graduation."

Participated in 2010-2012 (Won third and first place respectively in AMC 8 in 2011 and 2012, and tied with the first place in 2012 for the AMC 10)

February 4, 2014 (AMC 10A)

Bay Math League Competition

Bay Math League Competition is a simple competition to see how good you are at math.  This level of competition is available for 9-12th graders.  It is also competition that brings together students from local high schools to compete in three of five individual rounds and one team round.  The subjects vary from competition to competition but always include Geometry, Algebra, Precalculus/Trigonometry, Calculus and Research.Congratualations for the North Hollywood High School Math Club for finishing 2nd place!  That is a great achievement!  Woohoo!

Currently, I have little information on this competition.

Participated in the 2013-2014 school year.

Math Day at the Beach

Don't worry, I

The host of this competition

am not going to the beach to do math questions.  Not that nerdy!  That is just the name of the competition.  Math Day at the Beach is a regional team and individual competition held at CSULB. Each school is only allowed to take one team of six students to the competition. After the competition, the top 12 teams from the previous year are placed in Division A, while all of the other teams are placed in Division B.

Will be participating in March 2014.

Mandelbrot Competition

The Mandelbrot (not the fractal) takes place in five rounds throughout the school year. I am proud to say that I started from the beginning.  Each round consists of short-answer questions valued by difficulty at one, two, or three. The questions on the Mandelbrot Competition cover a variety of non-calculus topics such as algebra, geometry, exponents,

The Mandelbrot Logo

probability, and a few others such as number theory or classical inequalities, although making the questions trickier for advanced students. The tests last forty minutes and are graded by the school coordinator, who then enters scores at the web site.  However, the current dates are a surprise, and I do not know if the competition is that day until I walk through that door.  XD

Participated in November 2013

December 3, 2013

February 4, 2014

Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition

This math competition is a team competition for

CHMMC Math Competition Logo

high school students sponsored by Caltech college and Harvey Mudd.  This is probably one of the hardest tests, ranging to almost anything found in math.  There are 5 rounds - power round, team round, individual round, mixer round, and tiebreaker round (if necessary).

Participated on November 23, 2013.

North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad

This olympiad is a contest in which high-school students solve linguistic puzzles. In solving the problems, students learn about exercising logic skills. Professionals in linguistics, computational linguistics and language technologies use dozens of languages to create engaging problems that represent cutting edge issues in their fields. The competition has attracted top students to study and work in those same fields.

Participated YESTERDAY January 30, 2013.

USA Computing Olympiad

The USACO supports computing education in the USA and worldwide by identifying, motivating, and training high-school computing students at all levels. The top four students represent their country.

Might participate in 2014?

Good luck on your math experiences on the way!

-3primetime3- User:Dalek James I love numbers one I was little like Blueeightnote he was one of them.

26781113 is not prime.  It is divisible by 113.

My Introduction Before

Hello <insert name here>, welcome to my userpage. I was one of the admins from 3/17/2017.

Remaining Edits

I am not working here but i am still planning here to remain edit.




To kick a prime number off start of by testing it, if it is not a prime number we will delete and somehow you may be blocked for hours or days?

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