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101.png|101|link=101|linktext=How to know prime numbers? No! This is the 26th prime number!
347.png|347|link=347|linktext=A hard level in Candy Crush, yet a prime!
1,223.png|1,223|link=1,223|linktext=Now PNW has over 200 primes
809.png|809|link=809|linktext=The first photo made by a unique user
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|header = Welcome to the Prime Numbers Wiki!
|body = Welcome to Prime Numbers Wiki! In this wiki, we will post all the prime numbers that are in a range of 100. Here, we can even post videos of our own, summarizing the page, e.g. showing the prime numbers on 1-1000, the difference between prime and composite numbers, and many more about the topic. Even the [[Sieve of Eratosthenes]] will help us show the correct way of showing primes. Come, join now! Making links will be a great way to show the proof of why it is prime; just give a subjective detail of the number, e.g. this number is prime because it is not divisible by 2, then show the answer. Dead-end links will make our wiki a rotten one, so please add some links to those numbers. We can even make a bunch of pages!
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|header = Poll
|body = <poll>
#12. Thank you for supporting PNW, everybody! If there are twelve eggs in a dozen, how many eggs are there in a prime dozen?
I don't know!
I don't get it!
Look at our YouTube videos online: [] Look at our videos, like the prime numbers in a range. We would love to see your comments on our videos, and how can we improve them! Just a click of a button, I guess! Press the link above!
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|header = Important Pages!
|body = Here are some pages to know before getting started to add a page on our encyclopedia of {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} pages.
*[[Getting Started]]<br>
Now, check out the [[Sieve of Eratosthenes]]. This helps on getting the primes on any range, e.g. a range of 100, 10 by 10. This is actually effective for primes below 10 million. <br>
Then, start contributing! Here is [[2|the first prime number, '''2''']], for you to get started! <br>
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|header = Prime Slideshow
|body = <gallery type="slideshow" widths="200" position="center">
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|header = Stats
|body = {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} primes added, {{NUMBEROFFILES}} prime photos and videos, and {{NUMBEROFEDITS}} edits that our beloved primers did.
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|header = Featured User of the Month!
|body = [[File:February_2014_-_Imamadmad.jpg|24px|center]]
[[User:Imamadmad|<font face="verdana">User:Imamadmad</font>]] because she has rescued Julianthewiki last month as she told the founder advises for the fresh wiki. Happy Chinese New Year, everyone, and let's make PNW prosper more!'''
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|header = Featured Article
|body = ''Featured Article: [[1,223|''1,223'']]''<br />
1,223 is the 200th prime number.<br />[[File:1,223.png|200px|right]]
[[1,223|''Read more...'']]
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|header = Featured Video
|body = [[File:Prime_Numbers_1_1-50-0|280px]]
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|header = WAM Score of PNW
|body = '''31.88'''. This wiki is getting hot! Thank you spotlight!
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|header = Question of the Day!
|body = [[User blog:3primetime3/The Question of the Day - 2/07/2014|Link to the question!]]
{{User blog:3primetime3/The Question of the Day - 2/07/2014}}

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