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Welcome to Prime Numbers Wiki! In this wiki, we will post all the prime numbers that are in a range of 100. Here, we can even post videos of our own, summarizing the page, e.g. showing the prime numbers on 1-100, the difference between prime and composite numbers, and many more about the topic. Even the Sieve of Eratosthenes will help us show the correct way of showing primes. Come, join now! Making links will be a great way to show the proof of why it is prime; just give a subjective detail of the number, e.g. this number is prime because it is not divisible by 2, then show the answer. Dead-end links will make our wiki a rotten one, so please add some links to those numbers. We can even make a bunch of pages!

#9. Which of the following is composite?

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Here are some pages to know before getting started to add a page on our encyclopedia of 857 pages.

Now, check out the Sieve of Eratosthenes. This helps on getting the primes on any range, e.g. a range of 100, 10 by 10. This is actually effective for primes below 10 million.
Then, start contributing! Here is the first prime number, 2, for you to get started!

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Featured Article: 2

2 is the first prime number in the base ten numbering system.


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Prime Numbers 1 1-50-0

Prime Numbers 1 1-50-0

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Hey everyone!

Dividing stuff up again!


The tally is 8.

Blueeighthnote, Julianthewiki, Imamadmad, and Hunter

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Question fo the Day 1-20-2014

NEW RULE: Starting with the next question of this day (this one doesn't count): every time I use the letter "z", add 1 to your answer(s). Yes, my cousin thought of this.

Calculators are permitted with this question.

(#239.) A rectangle measures 2 times 2 sqrt(3) units. Two arcs are drawn with their centers at the midpoints of the shorter sides. What is the area of the shaded region? Express your answr as a decimal to the nearest hundredth.

Everyone else

NEW RULE: Starting with the next question of this day (this one doesn't count): every time I use the letter "z", add 1 to your answer(s). Yes, my cousin thought of this.

If x=49150, y=8984.264, and z=594606sqrt(pi), what is the value of


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Blueeighthnote and Imamadmad The answer is 2? 1+1 really just equals 2! YEAH!! It does! This question definitely mean these geniuses need easier questions.

It doesn't equal window because there is no equal sign, and the equation isn't binary. If the equation is binary, I would say 1 base 2+ 1 base 2 = 10 base 2. We always assume base 10 unless the question specifically states a different base.

The other answer was 9.

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