• So, here are some FAQs that lots of people might ask me:

    1. Why do we have to use our own handwriting in making photos?

    Not because I want to see your handwriting, but I just like the community to see how good you are at writing prime numbers.

    2. How many pages do we have?

    857. Let's grow the wiki by adding 1!

    3. With a wiki of 857, why are we choosing admins already?

    Because we have to do it. As soon as we have 200 pages, I should spotlight this wiki already, and we shouldn't choose admins that time.

    More questions? They're answered here!

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    • If you're planning on a spotlight, you might want to fix the theme first so people want to stay here after arriving! Sorry, but yellow, purple and green really don't go together.

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    • Okay, fixing the wiki's colors.

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