• Pleae post your answers here (this should be the first and last time you have to post your answers on my wall.)

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    • Um, well, I guess I could answer this thing. Considering the last two lines weren't italicised and your name wasn't signed at the end, the answer is either 14 (end numbers non-inclusive), 15 (15 inclusive but 30 non-inclusive or vice-versa) or 16 (both 15 and 30 inclusive). Also, did you make sure the allow comments box was ticked on your blog post? This is probably the cause of your problems.

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    • Hmm...14. By the way the reason comments weren't on was because it wasn't ticked on.

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    • It is checked.  I made a mistake in typing the wrong title for another question of the day.

      It's okay, this is the first (and should be the last) time that will happen.

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    • Blueeighthnote
      Blueeighthnote removed this reply because:
      Why isn't this removed yet? Extremely offensive profanity.
      13:06, December 24, 2013
      This reply has been removed
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