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|title = {{subst:subst}}PAGENAME}}
|image = {{subst:subst}}PAGENAME}}.png
|imagewidth = 250
|roman-number =
|ordinal-number =
|standard-form = {{subst:subst}}#invoke: String|replace|{{PAGENAME}}|,|.|all}}{{E|3}}
|previous =
|next = 
|cardinal-number =}}
{{subst:subst}}PAGENAME}} is a prime number [[3,001-4,000|between 3,001 and 4,000]]. {{subst:subst}}PAGENAME}} has 2 factors, 1 and {{subst:subst}}PAGENAME}}. It is the ??th prime number, and the ??th prime number between 3,001 and 4,000.
*{{Divisibility number|Yes|1}}
*{{Divisibility number|No|2-{{subst:subst}}#invoke:String|sub|{{subst:subst}}PAGENAME}}|1|-2}}{{subst:subst}}#expr:{{subst:subst}}#invoke:String|sub|{{subst:subst}}PAGENAME}}|-1|-1}}-1}}}}
*{{Divisibility number|Yes|{{subst:subst}}PAGENAME}}}}
==Relationship with other odd numbers==
===The numbers before===
*The previous prime number is

===The numbers after===
*The next prime number is

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