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  • I live in a land Down Under
  • My occupation is bending computers to my will
  • I am conflicted by the twin desired of productivity and Netflix

Um, well I guess I should fill this in. Well, maths is a relatively interesting thing as long as it's challenging but not repetitive. Most of the time it is repetitive and I don't like it. The main reason I'm still here is because of the questions of the day because it can be an interesting challenge sometimes. Generally not too hard and rarely any ugly numbers (I hate irrational numbers. They're just so horrible to work with!). Of course I'm using this as procrastination.

Now, onto wiki stuff. As I said above, I enjoy a challenge and will happily help create any templates or any other coding help you may need, being good at using wikitext, HTML and CSS. However, I'm easily bored and probably won't be going through adding a lot of information to articles.

I don't know why I was made Chat Mod and Rollbacker here. I hate the chat feature because, to quote one of my favourite characters, it doesn't "go ding when there's stuff", and there is no need for rollbackers on a wiki as small as this one. Even a lot of the bigger wikis I work on don't bother with rollbackers because vandalism is a lot rarer than many people think. But hey, I get a pretty badge on my profile masthead, so, yeah.

Right then, I don't know what else to say. I might stick around or I might not. However, if you are even in need of my assistance, send me a message on my message wall and hopefully I'll get back to you and assist as required, although if it's been a few days and I still haven't replied your best bet is to then leave a message on my talk page at DWA because of the way notifications work on talk pages compared to message walls.

(-1)1/2: Will you just be rational?!

π: Get real.

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