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Mabuhay Wiki-wordmark! I am proud to be a Filipino primer.

Welcome to Prime Numbers Wiki, a place to know about prime numbers, and everything else. As the founder, I am here so that you can help me in making a wiki that will germinate. It was actually because my first wikis died, so it is a good thing that we are all here, so that we can grow this wiki to a real encyclopedia of prime numbers.

History of PNW

I actually created this on November 16, 2013, Saturday, at 10:23 PST or GMT.

I first started this wiki by starting up with the number 2. All the info was about the number 2, and also an infobox about it. I created more pages until I created the "Getting Started" page. There, I placed everything you can do here. We stopped at around 10 pages. At the end of November, we had 22 pages, and 73 edits only. That was an unexpected change, thinking for only 10 edits. Luckily, on December 1, things started to prosper. We had 186 pages, but then it decreased to 101, because 85 of them were composite, which they were not even needed in the wiki. It was actually the time Supermario3459 and Blueeighthnote were already admins. 3primetime3 also came, and lots of things came into his mind, like the question of the day. He even thought of adding some relationships with other numbers, before and after. And also, as we near my birthday, thank you for those who made the 204 extra pages to make the wiki even prosper.

If you have some history that you know, please post it for me. I want to update this every now and then, it's constantly changing.

Wikis that I contribute to


Just before I founded this, on November 16, I was very calm, and I was as trustworthy as others. Also, I have spread the word to everyone there in CCSW. The result: oh well, almost all of the users here come from CCSW, even the blocked there. CalzoneManiac may not be the only one contributing on CCSW. But, he's a top contributor in Spongebob Squarepants Wiki (I watch that rarely these times). On December 23, 2013, as usual, I checked my messages, and saw that I can't reply. I saw that I was blocked. I slapped myself many times, and now it is like the wiki turned off the light, but only a slight bright on my birthday, December 24, Jianhui67, TimBluesWin and 3primetime3 are those that only greeted me (as I still remember).

My Final Decision

Okay, I wanna calm down, so, maybe I go back to it.

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