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Carl Friedrich Gauss

Welcome to my User Page!

Hi there! I'm an administrator of this wiki, a mathematics enthusiast, and a Carl Gauss fan. If you wish to talk to me, please consult me on my message wall; I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the wiki or about mathematics in general. Alternatively, if you wish to learn about Carl Gauss, feel free to visit my wiki, the Carl Gauss Wiki. 500px-Carl Friedrich Gauß signature.svg


My favourite mathematicians in order are: 1. Carl Gauss. 2. Leonhard Euler. 3. Euclid. 4. David Hilbert. 5. Bernhard Riemann. 6. Rene Descartes

My Favourite Pages

Euclid's Proof (The first page I made.)

Balanced Primes (It's such a balanced page. I also made it.)

Fermat Primes (I asked for its creation as soon as I joined the wiki.)

Ulam Spirals (A beautiful phenomenon.)

2 (Well ... it's 2.)

Prime Numbers Wiki (It's the front page.)

601 (Just because.)

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