Hey guys, I might be inactive for the next few days here (because I messed up my 99 day streak and I am so angry about it right now), so here is another checkpoint!

Please answer the following questions for 10 points!

  • Do you like the question of the day idea?
  • Is it too hard or too easy?
  • Do you think the pace of the question (should I have more than one question of a day at a time?)
  • If there was one thing I had to improve on, what would it be?

I would like to hear your feedback on the 2nd of January. Until then, happy holidays!


1. Blueeighthnote: 1155 points

2. TimBluesWin: 540 points

3. Julianthewiki: 90 points

4. Imamadmad: 55 points

5. 69.235...:25 points

6. Candy Crusher Herobrine: 25 points

7. Supermario3459: 15 points

8. Wildoneshelper: 10 points

8. Zombiebird4000: 10 points

Mean:213.89 (Average)

Previous SOlution

Yes, the answer was 364. Noticing that the true love sends a sequence of 1, 3, 6, 10... presents every consecutive day shows that the total of gifts sent will be the first 12 triangular numbers.

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