Hey everyone,

I am going to implement a new idea on my question of the day idea.


If you answer an insanely hard or extra credit question correctly, you earn one of these. They can do the following:

  • You can use one to promote your score by converting it to +25 points.
  • You can use one to attack one other player by knocking off 50 points.
  • You can use one to steal 15 points from another player.
  • You can use one to defend all attacks for one (1) day.

I am giving everybody one of these packages to try it out. They will be rare in the future. To use one, simply write in the comments section below the current question of the day what you want to do with a current package (if you have one) and/or who you want to direct it to.

Just note there are a few rules: 1. If you have more than one package, you may only use one everyday. 2. You are not allowed to insult the other player after they have attacked you. 3. A player can not get negative points (for example, if a player has 20 points, s/he cannot get -30 points afterwards). 4. If you want to defend yourself, uou must defend yourself the day they have attacked you (it used to be before they attack you; but despite different time zones, this can be hard). 5. The rules will not be changed - they are really rare anyways.

This is competition, right?

Let's try this out!

Current Scoreboards

1. Blueeighthnote: 1165 points (1 achvmt pkg)

2. TimBluesWin: 550 points (1 achvmt pkg)

3. Julianthewiki: 100 points (1 achvmt pkg)

4. Imamadmad: 55 points (1 achvmt pkg)

5. 69.235...:25 points (1 achvmt pkg)

6. Zombiebird4000: 20 points (1 achvmt pkg)

7. Supermario3459: 15 points (1 achvmt pkg)

8. Wildoneshelper: 10 points (1 achvmt pkg)

9. Candy Crusher Herobrine: zero points (Getting blocked in PNW results in getting your points deleted from the board. You can start answering again after your block is relieved)

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