Hey everyone!

Here is the next question of the day!  This is probably the first tough one!

Question of the Day - 30 points

What must be the answer to this question?

Hint:  there is a logical and numerical response.

Reminder:  Just give me your answer.  When I post the next question of the day, then you can talk about it XD

Difficulty - Hard

Previous Solution

I am sorry to say that the no one got the right answer to the last question of the day.  The answer was not 4, but 16.

Now, whenever a registered user gets a question wrong, I will show a step-by-step solution.

1. 2 is the smallest prime number, not 1.

2.  Cubing a number means that you multiply that number by itself three times.  In this case, 2*2*2=8

6.  Note that dividing by half is different than dividing by two.  If you divide by two, then you get 8/2=4.  If you divide by half (in other words, 0.5), then 8/0.5 = 16, which is the final answer.


1.  Blueeighthnote - 20 points

2.  Juliantheiwki - 10 points

2.  Wildoneshelper - 10 points

Com-on guys!  WHere are you?  Only Blueeighthnote is getting all the points.  Let's see if you can get these 30 points!  This one is hard.  Remember to guess if you don't know the answer.  THere is no penalty for guessing!  Good luck!

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