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I am proud to say that one of our users has gotten the correct answer to the last question.  Congratulations Blueeighthnote!  The answer was 25!  *applause*  How did you get the answer?  I want to know.  Is it the same as how I solved it (see the bottom)?  Please respond in the comments section with your current answer.

For everyone else: even if you didn't get the right answer, there is still many chances to earn points!  Hard questions are hard!

Question of the Day - 20 points

Let's cool this down a little.

What is the sum of all prime and consecutive numbers from 1-1000?

Difficulty - Medium

Remember: Do not type any of your work on this blog.  After I announce the answer, then you can explain...

Previous Solution

The correct answer was 25!  Congrats Blueeighthnote!

Step-by-step solution

  1. This is not a trick question.  There is a numerical response and a logical one.
  2. Looking back at the previous correct solutions from the past problems of the day, we get the numbers 4,9,16......
  3. This is a pattern of squares.  In other words, an equation can be written using this pattern.  It is y=(x+1)², where x is the question number (the first question of the day is problem 1, the second, problem 2, etc) and y is the result.
  4. Since this is question 4: (4+1)² will give you 25.
  5. Touch down!

Hint for this Question

This answer to this question is not 36.  I now broke the pattern forever.....


1.  Blueeighthnote: 50 points

2.  Julianthewiki: 10 points

2.  Wildoneshelper: 10 points

4.  Zombiebird4000: -- points

4. -- points -- points

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