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What is the largest two-digit integer that is increased by 36 when its digits are reversed?


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While training for the soccer season, Kim was running sprints with two of her coaches. The two coaches began 200 yeards apart from each other, with Kim standing next to one of them. Then all at once, Kim sprinted towards the other coach and the 2 coaches started walking in a straight line towards each other. Both coaches walked at a rate of 3 feet per second while Kim was running at an average rate of 20 feet per second. When Kim reached her other coach, she tagged the other coach, turned around, and sprinted pack to the first coach. Each time she reached a coach, she immediately turned around back to the other coach. She continued this until the coaches reached each other. How many feet did Kim run in total?

Previous Solution

Imamadmad:1234567^1234567 is too difficult to solve. So let's look at the units digit when 1234567 is raised to some powers:

1234567^1 = 7

1234567^2 = 9

1234567^3 = 3

1234567^4 = 1

This pattern repeats over and over, although the rest of the numbers get much bigger.

Therefore, 1234567^1234568 has the units digit of 1, so 1234567^1234567 = 3.

Your other answer is correct.

Blueeighthnote: Correct

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