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Blueeighthnote, you are rather inactive lately. School getting to you?


The tally is 7.


Should I keep giving you hard questions, or do you want easier ones?

What is the value of 1+1? Again, think real carefully.


(#183.) The graph of a linear equation contains the points (1,a), (2,b), (4,18). What is the value of (3/2 b) -a?


Imamadmad, I gave you some points for solving the question.

1. Blueeighthnote: 1825 points (2 achvmt pkgs)

2. TimBluesWin: 625 points (1 achvmt pkg)

3. Imamadmad: 290 points (1 achvmt pkg)

4. 69.235...: 200 points (1 achvmt pkg)

5. Julianthewiki: 110 points (1 achvmt pkg)

6. Zombiebird4000: 20 points (1 achvmt pkg)

7. Supermario3459: 15 points (1 achvmt pkg)

8. Wildoneshelper: 10 points (1 achvmt pkg)

9. Emmaelise401: -- points (Get on the leaderboards!)

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The answer was 1.


Currently found achievements.

1. Quick Thinker! (+10 points) - Awarded for posting an answer before I write "Please leave your answers here." FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE

2. RARE: Leaderboards Expert! (+300 points) - Awarded for being 1st place on the leaderboards for 30+ days. FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE

3. RARE: More than a Millenium! (+100 points) - Awarded for being first in the leaderboards and scoring more than 1000 points from the runner-up. FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE

Really? Only three?! And all the rare ones are going to be found first? ??

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