Hey everyone,

I wonder why a lot of people stopped participating.  Are you guys getting bored?  Well, hope this question stimulates your brain a little.  It is hard making math questions fun!

Question of the Day - 15 points

What is the product of x and y if x^2 + y^2 = 36 - 2xy and x^2 - y^2 = 12 ?

Difficulty: Easy

Previous Solution

I believe the previous solution was 4, not 2013 or 8.  If you disagree, PLEASE state why.

If 4 people paints 4 walls in 4 minutes, assuming these people are professional and paints at a constant rate, that means 1 person paints 1 wall in 4 minute.  All of them work together at the same time.  They do not take turns painting each wall.  Therefore, changing the ratio to 2013 painters with 2013 walls, it still doesn't change how many minutes the person takes.  The answer, for sure, is not 2013.

Blueeighthnote, how did you solve this question?  I don't understand why you got 8.

Credits to the MathCounts Foundation for this question.  Don't worry Julianthewiki, I made the same mistake as you.


1.  Blueeighthnote: 580 points

2.  Julianthewiki: 20 points

3  Wildoneshelper: 10 points

3.  Zombiebird4000: 10 points 

5. 10 points

6.  TimBluesWin:  10 points


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