Here's a link to the pink template of Composite numbers. Here (obsolete)

Just thought if we ever need a clearification of something that is not prime but added to the pages anyway.

It's likely that we won't need pages like 4,6,8,10,12,14,15,16......etc., because they're obviously not prime. 1, however, while definitely not a prime, is often being mistakened as such. I don't want to delete number "1" because it might be good for others to know that it's not a prime.

EDIT: Yes, I'm aware that 1 is not composite, either, but the template was named "Template:Infobox Composite". 1 is the only number not composite nor prime?

EDIT2: This is a PRIME NUMBERS WIKI, so I deleted 1 also.

For very large primes, they're extremely hard to identify. I think they can only be indentified by computers. For example, (I randomly selected a few) 752569 is a prime; 432637 is a prime; 291463 is not a prime because it can be factored into 761 x 383.

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