Hello everyone, I just want to say that there will be new things that I will do this year for the further development of the wiki. First of all, I am going to implement a new rule that every inconsistency of a page will be reverted. No hard feelings to Flarp, because he is a new user, and we should treat every new user with respect, right? Also, whatever bad word you use (except censored ones, we will never know that word!), we will give that user a two-week block, if they use it only for swearing, and for no other reason.

New: If the person previously did a good thing, e.g. he/she added a prime page, then sweared, we will block him/her with only one week per bad word (except censored). For example, if there is a statement called (note: only for explanation!) fuck and cunt you all, that person will recieve a 2-week block, because of the f and c word. If you say the f word 10 times, you would be blocked for 20 weeks. But, if you say **** and **** you all, 2 weeks is the duration of your block. Now, wanna censor yourself?

Also, I have implemented the change on the infobox, so instead of base 2 to base 9, it is base 2, base 8 and base 16, which is binary, octal and hexadecimal respectively, so that more people will understand. I will hold a discussion on March 2014 if I will include Base 36, or the base form with numbers 0-9 and letters A-Z. Also, on April 2014, I will hold another discussion whether Base 20, or vigesimal, with numbers 0-9 and letters A till J.

Regarding the spotlight, I was so proud to see a lot of new users, and also, I learned that you can see our wiki only on lifestyle wikis. Go see a video game wiki, you might not find our wiki. So, what we only attract are the ones contributing to lifestyle wikis, and those with a knowledge of mathematics. I don't know how many users can we attract, but on March or April 2014, we will have another spotlight.

For suggestions, please post on my message wall: Message wall:Julianthewiki


1. How long will the notorious people, e.g. the 59.101 users be blocked?

Answer: They will be blocked at the same period, 2 week per bad word used, and they will be given a warning.

2. What if someone uses a foreign bad word?

Answer: Also two weeks per bad word used.

3. Please ask your questions here.

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