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  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is a primer
  • I am the founder of Prime Numbers Wiki
  • Julianthewiki

    Hi everyone, I am super duper (number as big as mersenne prime) times to tell you that:

    Prime Numbers Wiki is on top 4,470!
    Wam Score: 9.36
    Rank on Lifestyle (Vertical rank): 605

    We had a big gain! Good job Supermario3459, Blueeighthnote, 3primetime3 and Wildoneshelper for making this wiki a very big success of pages, lots of photos, and to our new primer, 3primetime3 (call him Austin), who has made a page about big prime numbers! Thank you for making a big wiki page of 19,093 bytes! Big success, right? Next goal, top 3500!

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  • Julianthewiki

    Hi everyone, I just want to know if we need some admins by this time. We only have 3 contributors, but all of us actually need a job, so that when it comes to more contributors, I can promote them to admin, or even bureaucrat. I heard that while we are under spotlight, we should not choose admins. So, as soon as we have 200 pages, please don't request for a while.

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  • Julianthewiki


    November 16, 2013 by Julianthewiki

    We are just starting up this wiki. Please join me making this wiki a successful one!

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