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  • I live in I’m not American
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is 26781113
  • I am uhhh
  • Micjan2003 (2)

    For 2 years... this wiki has been dead and discontinued.

    How can we get this wiki back revelant?

    Figure out some ways how to get this wiki back into normal and have our Question of the Day and our Featured User features back.

    This Question will be marked for the Question of the Day but instead it will be there until we have lots of great ideas, also it will be marked on the home page below the Question of the Day feature.

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  • Micjan2003 (2)

    Hello there, I am Micjan2003 a Prime Number Admin Employee here,

    Let me discuss a few things that are still active.

    It is also known as our founder was not active and disabled he had is an additional alternated account here is still not yet normally active.

    It had been 4 years since November 16, 2013

    Back to then from our home page is discontinued.

    This wiki was dead by on. But we still add this admin focusing on a very different wiki. But we know this guy apparently.

    Back to then I joined wikia since July 20, 2015. Back again we know each-other like Primetime he is a admin.

    You know by then upcoming events will be updated on this Wiki.

    You probably know that 2017 was pretty fast and pretty busy but we know every day is busy but we all know it.

    I gue…

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